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Veganistan: the zine

Veganistan is a zine of Middle East & Maghrebi vegan recipes. It's also an attempt to smash popular misconceptions that you can’t be a healthy, happy, belly-rubbin vegan in the Mid East. Follow a kaleidescopic 40 page journey through soups, dips, breads, spice blends, salads, falafels, pastries, grains, stuffed stuff & sweet things & feast til ya can't stands no more.

All the ca$h raised from the zine goes to Vafa Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd, Iran. "Vafa" means "loyalty" in Farsi. The shelter was founded in 2003 by Fatemeh Motamedi, who donated her own land and funds to see the shelter’s creation. Today Vafa’s volunteers care for over 400 dogs & depend on donations to keep the project running. You can find out more about it here, & keep an eye out for the soon to exist non-recipe zine All My Friends Are Mountains, where I interview them :)

I'm putting the suggested price for the zine at two bucks fifty ($2.50). But if you feel super keen on Vafa & the work they are doing, you are welcome to pay however much you feel good about paying for the zine, because ALL money raised, aside from printing costs, from it goes to the organisation. I copy the zine at a local printing collective, so each zine costs approximately 0.20c to make - so whether you want to pay more, or can only afford 2.50, the vast majority goes to Vafa. If 2.50 is too expensive for you too, that's OK! If fifty cents is what you can afford, of course that's fine too.

If you're in Europe, postage is $2, & if you're in the Americas, Oceania, Asia-Pacific, the Mid East, or anywhere else, postage is $3. Sorry that there is no global mailing collective to keep costs lower on that. :)

Edit: now with payment info - sorry! My Paypal is If you don't have one of them, write me at & we can figure something else out.

Cheers! Happy eating.
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