A Mixed (media) Episode (hannahneurotica) wrote in zinesters,
A Mixed (media) Episode

ZINE OPEN MIC READING! All you need is a phone or Skype to call in! <3

ZINECORE RADIO has been bringing you DIY readings, interviews, and news since May 2008. Currently I am doing a series of open mic episodes. Friday the 29th //8pm EST I will be hosting a free for all and there will be no theme! You can call & read anything on any topic, send in an mp3 of your music or spoken word, even call and announce an upcoming zine event or project you are seeking submissions for!! Did you attend a zine event and want to call and give us a little run down of how it went?www.blogtalkradio.com/thezineshow

Sage Adderley of Sweet Candy Distro and myself (Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound Zine: Gender & The Horror Genre) ) want to hear from you and provide a space for you to share your work and for zine news directly from you!


sign up or for more info: zinecoreradio@gmail.com

spread the word!

hearts & butcher knives,
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Oh Maaaaaan, I will be balloon busking like a mofo.