VOLT HAIR (trendyneckwear) wrote in zinesters,

Zine Grab Bags

Clearing out my workspace! I'm taking tiny steps towards the zen path and that means parting with things, which really bums me out because I really like my zine collection. However, it's for the best and it's good to recycle zines into the world and make a couple bucks.

15 Half Sized Zines includes:
personal, art, anarcho, comix and even guinea pig zines! This is probably worth 25-30 bucks! Some awesome titles are Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #44, Dreams of Donuts #1, Buttersword, Me & You Zine, and more. Seven bucks plus shipping.

CLICK HERE to order

10 Quarter Sized Zines includes:
art, personal, informational, poetry, and mini zines. This is probably worth about 20 bucks! There is more than 10 zines, but I grouped some of the shorter zines into one to be representative of the zine quantity. A truly wide variety of topics and lovely minds. I will miss them dearly, but I usually tend to read zines once anyways.


Email me at kathytran at volthair dot com if you have any questions at all. You can also paypal me or mail cash. Just let me know what works best for you ^__^
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