Erika <3 (apis_cerana) wrote in zinesters,
Erika <3

2 Zines for sale/trade

As Lobo Sleeps --
Zine featuring a reprint of a classic story of Lobo the wolf-king by Ernest Thompson Seton, as well as a foreword, notes, layout/cover design, and photography by myself.

Photos printed in color. 20 pages, printed 2010.

Print is Dead Vol 1 --
A themed zine -- 10 artists' work based on the theme "order and chaos". Featuring works by Emm Simpson, M.P. Landis, Kurt Gottschalk, Lena Adasheva, Bryan Dinello, Dan Dinello, Racheal Ayinla, Denny Upkins, and Bob Bellerue.

Cover design by me. Hand bound -- 23 pages, color.

Available for sale @ my Etsy shoppe:

Trades are also accepted :)

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