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Hot Tea, Cold Water #2: Transportation

After some delay, here's the second issue of Hot Tea, Cold Water. Following the first theme of Jobs and Joblessness, this one includes all kinds of things related to TRANSPORTATION: poems, articles on penpalling and vegan roadtripping, paintings, tons of comics, zine reviews, and more.

Contributors this time around are: Amanda Faith, Christy Patrick, Hooroo Jackson, Irene R., Jennifer Christensen, Joe Decie, John Petrolino, Laurel Leake, Leann Leake(me), Rob Wolf, Seth Feralin, and Tazim.

40 pages, black & white half size, with a quarter-size color secton in the middle!

Copies are $3 stamps, check, cash, or trade. This time around I do not have paypal, unfortunately. Leave your email address in the contents or email me at for my snail mail address.

International contributors, your copies are in the mail but I can't say for sure how long they will take to get to you. But you should see them soon!
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